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Virginia Beach Custom-Fit Blinds

Sunburst’s shutters, shades, and blinds for Virginia Beach are top quality in regards to manufacturing and materials. They outshine typical blinds when looking at appeal and functionality. Pick from natural wood blinds or faux wood blinds for window treatments that complement your home and style.

Customized Window Blinds For Your Property

Special shaped faux wood blinds in several windows above a sink.
While the vast majority of people have come across traditional metal or vinyl blinds, these are no comparison to the exceptional hardwood and faux wood blinds Sunburst has for Virginia Beach. Their well-built slats and rugged cords operate smoothly and last longer than other blinds. We also provide various attractive colors and other features you can customize to ensure your blinds have the appearance and function you desire.

Our blinds in Virginia Beach supply incredible adaptability in taking control of exterior light and privacy within your property. Their substantial slats stops sunglare and the sightline into your property when drawn together. Then you can open the slats for partial light or raise them up for an unfettered view. No matter what type of blind you choose, the window covering experts at Sunburst will ensure your product fulfills all of your needs and expectations.

Benefits Of Blinds in Virginia Beach

White wood blinds up close in a living space
The biggest issue with the majority of window blinds is how quickly and easily they break, get bent up, or start sticking during typical usage. Sunburst’s faux wood and real wood blinds remain in use years longer than inferior blinds. Their thick slats don’t bow or break and moving elements don’t unravel or wear down too fast to provide years of effortless operation. Sunburst’s faux wood blinds will even hold up for years on end in moist areas because of their waterproof composite wood materials.

Sunburst’s blinds work better than other blinds as well. Our proprietary headrail is specifically engineered for ease of operation, and the wide slats of hardwood or synthetic wood provide outstanding privacy and block most exterior light. Choose from simple-to-use choices of operation for when you decide to change between different levels of exterior light. We also provide specialized edge routing without the ladder openings you will find on numerous blinds that permit outsiders to see into your home.

One of the most appreciated virtues of blinds for Virginia Beach residents is their appeal. They mix the classic appearance of blinds with the refinement of quality wood or composite wood for a look of sophistication. Choose from a multitude of colors to match or coordinate with your unique interior and then select a valance for a special embellishment. Or install them as stylish temporary substitutes until you’re able to install custom plantation shutters. You won’t find other blinds that give your windows easy function and breathtaking appeal in the same manner the wood and faux wood blinds from Sunburst Shutters do!

Faux Wood Blinds For Unmatched Appeal and Longevity In A Window Blind

Dark faux wood blinds in a living room.
Built for the longevity and elegance you expect from Sunburst. Our faux wood blinds last longer and bring more style to your home than other options. Working with a superior headrail system, their solid extruded slats rotate effortlessly as you open them for light or secure them for more seclusion and shade. Their slats also repel water, making our faux wood blinds ideal for humid room that destroy other products.

Sunburst’s faux wood blinds also impart impressive style and value to your home’s windows. Opposed to cheaper options, they have a high-end look due to their first-rate materials and fabrication. They look sophisticated like plantation shutters while eschewing the top-dollar price tag. Pick from over a dozen popular colors and a even or wood grain finish to complement your interior. Then consult with Sunburst Shutters Virginia Beach about more customizing possibilities to craft the precise appearance you want for your faux wood blinds.

Wood Blinds Offer Light Management, Privacy, And Style

Wood blinds in a white and airy craft corner.
With the classic appeal of wood coupled with exquisite craftsmanship, it’s not surprising that our wood blinds are sought out by Virginia Beach families who want beautiful, lasting window treatments. Constructed with furniture-grade wood, they look great on every window and combat normal wear from regular use significantly better than common aluminum blinds.

Wood blinds can be found in 24 dazzling finishes, all with built-in UV resistance to safeguard their stunning color long-term. Use them in any room where you want an attractive window product that gives you the ability to simply alternate between different degrees of sunlight and privacy.

Vertical Blinds: Enhanced Traditional Blinds For Doors

Maroon fabric vertical blinds inside a bedroom
Vertical blinds have for many years been a go-to choice for sliding patio doors or equally large windows. Although vertical blinds are frequently considered to be a bit insubstantial, quality vertical blinds from Sunburst are a better choice than your standard products. Pick from vinyl or fabric components in your preference of the various color possibilities to bestow a pleasing feature to your sliding door or elongated window.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blinds In Virginia Beach

White Polywood blinds in a modern styled bathroom

How Do Sunburst’s Blinds Stack Up Against Other Options?

Metal and vinyl blinds have ingrained deficiencies that lead them to bend or break too soon. These blinds usually have cheap mechanical elements that also break down and fail to work properly over their limited lifespan. By contrast, blinds from Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions have intrinsically heavy-duty materials such as furniture-grade woo and a solid wood substitute that lasts longer than other alternatives. They won’t deform or snap when your dog or cat slams into them, or if a little one takes hold of them. And they operate smoothly over their lifetime, so you never have the irritation of your blinds failing to move as you make an effort to manipulate them.

Our blinds look better too. Robust hardwood and faux wood blinds give the impression of luxury products because of their exquisite construction and curated colors. Then we go the extra mile by offering distinctive valances, twill tapes, and round corners per your request. In a world where you come across cheap blinds in every store, Sunburst’s blinds stand out for their craftsmanship and unsurpassed appeal.

How Do Blinds Operate?

Our blinds operate in a similar fashion as most other blinds. When you lower your blinds, a stack of slats drops along your window to obscure it. You are able to manipulate the slats to turn in your direction if you want to see between them or shut them to obstruct the view and sunglare. As you draw up your blinds, the slats rise up and gather nicely against the headrail installed over your window or inside your window opening.

Sunburst provides differing lifting mechanisms for your blinds in Virginia Beach. Common corded blinds consist of cords you use to move the slats, while blinds with wands function with the rotation of a stick. We also offer cordless lift blinds that you open and close through a bottom rail.

Can I Put Blinds In A Bathroom?

Not every window treatment will hold up to hot and humid kitchens and baths. The warmth and wetness cause their materials to weaken from contracting and expanding, leading to warping and breaking. Wet environments might even promote the growth of mold on permeable window coverings.

If you would like window blinds in higher humidity rooms, your smartest solution is our faux wood blinds. Constructed from a resilient composite material, the slats of these products are unaffected by water and the harm it causes. You are able to appreciate their appeal in kitchens and baths for many years.

Are Blinds Identical To Plantation Shutters?

The simple answer is: No. Despite the fact that some residents refer to any window covering as a “blind”, interior shutters (also called plantation shutters) are a significant upgrade over blinds. Shutters have longer lifespans, better manage light and hot or cold air, come with a frame encompassing the window to make them a more permanent part of your home, and have more comprehensive warranties.

If you’re trying to decide between blinds and shutters in Virginia Beach, Sunburst Shutters Virginia Beach is happy to assist in assessing your needs and choose the right treatment for your windows. Keep in mind that Sunburst’s faux-wood blinds are a wonderful and affordable choice when you are looking for a well-made treatment to cover your windows while bringing flair to your interior.

Your Virginia Beach Blinds Shopper’s Guide

 Beautiful and timeless white Polywood blinds are the perfect touch for your bathroom.

The Process For Purchasing Our Window Blinds

Begin the process for buying blinds with an easy, no-cost consultation right in your home. You’ll speak with one of our window treatment experts about how you want your blinds to function and look. Then our specialist will show you examples of our blind products and alternative window treatments such as our louvered shutters, right on the windows you want to cover so you are able to see a real-life demonstration of the finished product. They’ll also go over possible add-ons and take detailed notes of your preferences.

Next, we precisely measure all your windows. Even if you don’t purchase blinds for every window now, we’ll save our notes to reference for future orders. Using our measurements and the latest software, we draw up your customized blinds.

As soon as proficient technician manufacture your new blinds, an installation crew installs the products with exactness and attention to detail. Prior to leaving, they engage your blinds to ensure everything operates as intended and looks just the way you want it. The only thing left for you to do is appreciate your Sunburst blinds for many years to come!

Custom-Tailor Your Blinds Specific To Your Property

We couldn’t announce our blinds as your top choice if we didn’t supply a range of customizations that result in truly unique blinds perfectly suited for your windows and interior. Our objective at Sunburst is to invariably offer you with window treatments that you love to use and look at. Whatever your requirements or style, we can help you create the right custom blinds for your property.

Colors And Finishes

Our faux wood blinds can be found in five contemporary white or off-white colors and various paints in wood colors.

You’ll discover our wood blinds in 24 designer finishes to either harmonize with or create an exciting complement with the wood features in your home. Be sure to inquire about color options for pull cords, tassels, and ladders to complete your blind’s appearance.

Are you wondering about vertical blinds? Sunburst offers vertical blinds in different materials with various colors to pick from!

Faux Wood Colors


Wood Blinds Colors


Operating Options

Sunburst’s blinds come with different operating tools to make sure they work the way you want. Pick from standard cord tilt, easy wand tilt, corded lift, or child and pet safe cordless lift mechanisms. Then think about supplementing with hold-down brackets to be certain your blinds don’t sway and permit outside light in around the perimeter.

Wood Blind Louver Width

 Available in 2 inch and 2-½ inch louvers. Some  options only available in specific sizes.


 Faux Wood - 5 white & near-white tones, 5 wood-colored stains available.

 Wood - 24 exclusive designer finishes

 *Color coordination available for wands/cords and tassels.


Operating Options

   Cord tilt packaged standard. Wand tilt options are available.

   Routeless blinds are also available.   

 3 ¼ inch Royal Crown valances are offered.



Notch or Edge cut-outs are available.



 Faux Wood & Wood Blinds are backed by a limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects  (i.e. a flaw in the product design, materials or workmanship that causes the product to no longer function) for 3 years for the original owner.

All wood blinds are 100% American-built and assembled.

Window Treatments made in America

Style Choices

Along with colors, you have additional methods for personalizing the feel of your window blinds. Our slats come in 2-inch and 2 1/2-inch options, so you have the chance to pick between a more standard feel or a wider, more modern feel. You also have the chance to integrate rounded corners that provide your blinds a more refined appearance. Then make your pick between standard ladders or twill tapes. Finally, you can get a decorative valance to complete the look.

Would You Like To Hear More About Blinds For Your Virginia Beach House? Speak With The Window Treatment Experts At Sunburst.

You’re not going to find such exceptional window blinds elsewhere in Virginia Beach, so commence your search for the perfect blinds with Sunburst Shutters Virginia Beach. Call us at 757-210-6448 or fill out the following form to arrange a complimentary in-home consultation and discover more about our versatile window blinds and other options.