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White polywood shutters on sidelights.

What Are The Premiere Sidelight Window Treatments In Virginia Beach?

November 11, 2021

Sidelight windows, the narrow windows that accent your main entrance, appear lovely in your entryway and do let sunlight into a dim foyer. But they could also create a glare or compromise privacy. And not any window treatment can squeeze into these narrow windows. Most people toil to discover the best sidelight window treatments in Virginia Beach to fix these problems. Fortunately, custom Polywood® shutters are the fix to all of your sidelight window problems.

Custom-Crafted Interior Shutters Fit Your Sidelights’ Peculiar Size

The unique style of your sidelight windows comes with an unfortunate downside - the majority of window treatments won’t fit in that small space.. Ready-made blinds may leave gaps or overlap with the window frame. Flowing curtains seem fussy on such thin windows. And custom window shades that typically appear fetching look flimsy when made to fit sidelights.

Polywood® shutters, on the other hand, can be hand-made to slot into your sidelights like a dream. These hand-made louvered shutters mesh with the shape of your windows for a crisp appearance. You can also further tweak them to match your specific sidelights and foyer. They are available in many frame models to compliment with your door. If your home has extra tall sidelights, use divider rails or split tilt rods to divide your shutters into portions that open and close individually. Or opt for conventional or smaller louvers for a clean finish for your skinny sidelights.

Interior Shutters Give Greater Privacy Than Other Sidelight Window Treatments In Virginia Beach

Sidelights with white polywood shutters in a foyer. 

Though trim, your sidelight windows could allow for a big issue with privacy.. Anyone who passes by your door, from postal workers to nosey neighbors, are able to look inside in. Polywood shutters provide comprehensive privacy on these windows. Their sturdy faux wood is entirely impenetrable, and their fitted make guarantees no gaps around the edges when you close them entirely.

Solid Polywood shutters also don’t blow in the wind like blinds and drapes in a air current should you experience drafts through your door. Interior shutters are also the most tough window treatments. They won’t crack or snap or leave open spaces if you have overexcited pets or little ones who jump and pull at your window treatments when the doorbell chimes.

Interior Shutters Let You Control Light

Sidelight windows with white polywood shutters in a foyer. 

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The sun’s rays in your front room can liven up your house and make it more cozy to guests as they come inside. But if it is excessively bright, it might blind your friends as they come through the door. And if your house is directed east or west, your entryway might rest in the shadows for half the day and receive extreme amounts of direct sunlight and heat the rest of the day.

Polywood shutters are the optimal sidelight window treatments in Virginia Beach for controlling light in your foyer. If your foyer feels too dark, you can move the shutter panels to permit sunshine to flow in. If the sun comes in too strong, close the panel and partially adjust the louvers for the perfect amount of light.

If you want to shut out nearly all of the sunlight and cool your Virginia Beach home, your Polywood shutters are specifically made to seal tightly to seal away sunlight and drafts. You’ll see only a soft glow in the place that the louvers touch, and the patented weatherstripping on your shutters guards your house from outside air and temperature transfer up to 70% more efficiently than different window treatments.

Sunburst Shutters Virginia Beach Has The Top-Of-The-Line Sidelight Window Treatments In Virginia Beach

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