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Corner of a cozy nursery with a baby and a mom. White Polywood shutters in the corner window.

The Top Nursery Window Treatment Ideas In Virginia Beach

September 22, 2022

If you’re expecting a child in Virginia Beach, your goal is to make sure every detail of your new baby’s nursery just right -- including the window treatments. But in advance of selecting any window covering, keep in mind that safety and functionality are essential. Newborns may pull down curtains or become tangled in corded blinds. These options won’t block sunlight and drafting for optimal sleeping conditions either. Alternatively, install child-friendly, energy-efficient louvered shutters or cellular shades as window treatments for your nursery in Virginia Beach.

Louvered Shutters Keep Your Nursery Cozy, Safe, And Stylish

White Polywood shutters in a large nursery bedroom.

Louvered shutters maybe aren’t your top option for nursery window treatment ideas in Virginia Beach, but they should be! These classic window treatments look incredible in every space. Their solid panels provide an interesting accompaniment to the fluffier elements that come with a nursery. You might use white faux wood Polywood® shutters in rooms with vivid or more delicate color choices. Stained hardwood shutters might work better when your nursery has nature-inspired elements or you want to match existing wood trim. And when you modify the decor as your child gets bigger, your shutters will still coordinate with the space’s altered look.

Interior shutters utilize a specialized composition that makes them perfect for children’s quarters. Instead of installing drapery or cords for a child to pull on or get tangled in, interior shutters utilize sturdy panels with movable louvers integrated into a frame that surrounds the window. They also clean up effortlessly when they get those unavoidable marks from tiny fingers.

Shutter louvers and panels offer several options for adjusting exterior light and privacy in your nursery too. Swing open the panels for a sun-filled spot to play or secure them and tilt the louvers toward you to allow some sunlight and shift it toward the floor where your precious one plays. Then secure the panels and louvers to eliminate virtually all light for bedtime and naps.

Shut interior shutters keep out heat loss as well. Air isn’t able to flow through solid wood and faux wood as it will through other window treatments. And exceptional Ovation® and Polywood shutters utilize first-rate craftsmanship to greatly reduce spaces where air slips through. Polywood shutters also feature exclusive weather sealing that makes them the most energy-efficient nursery window treatments in Virginia Beach and ensures your room is always comfortable for a peaceful rest.

Cellular Shades Bring Energy Efficiency and Color To Nursery Windows

Blackout gray cellular shades in two windows. Displayed inside a baby room. 
In the event you would like a softer material for your nursery window treatments, consider cellular window shades. These window coverings are available in various materials, colors, and patterns for you to choose from. You’ll also find styles like top-down/bottom-up shades that offer more flexibility with sunlight and privacy or non-corded shades that your little one isn’t able to become tangled in.

The top advantage of cellular shades is their energy efficiency. Their structure consists of compact honeycomb-like cells that confine air going through your windows before it enters the nursery. They help keep the space at a comfortable temperature and utility bills within reason.

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