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Wooden Ovation shutters with dark wood within a living room corner.

Faux Wood Shutters VS Real Wood Shutters in Virginia Beach

October 21, 2022

When searching for plantation shutters in Virginia Beach, you can choose from natural wood or synthetic wood shutters. On one hand, you have faux wood shutters -- including our Polywood® shutters -- in stylish white that give you an unparalleled amount of energy savings. On the other hand, you have the soothing, appealing stains and paints of our beautiful wood Ovation® shutters.

Each has distinctive aspects to meet your window treatment requirements. Fortunately, there’s a shutter for your exact interior when looking at faux wood shutters vs. real wood shutters in Virginia Beach.

For Optimal Efficiency, Pick Polywood Shutters

 White Polywood shutters above a kitchen sink.

High-efficiency products add insulation to windows, limiting cool drafts and hot UV rays to sustain your comfort and decrease utility bills. Faux wood Polywood shutters insulate windows the best. Outside air and sunshine can’t get through their strong manufactured material, and all of their elements are constructed to fasten tightly whenever you wish to cover windows. Polywood shutters are also fabricated with exclusive weather protection that supplies unmatched insulation.

When shut, Polywood shutters insulate windows 70% better than real wood shutters. You’ll notice a noticeable difference when using them on particularly cold or hot days. However, wood shutters provide more energy savings than window blinds and shades do.

For More Color Possibilities, Take A Look At Ovation Shutters

 Dark wood Ovation shutters in a small dining room area.

Both natural wood and faux wood shutters look fantastic in every Virginia Beach home. However, they both lend their own unique feel to blend with your individual style. Whereas white Polywood shutters look modern and bright, wood shutters are both natural and traditional. However, if you have a specific look you want to achieve, Ovation shutters with their many color options could be the best way to go.

Polywood shutters can be found in three hues of crisp white. While white works with everything, if your unique decor calls for a different kind of attractive neutral paint color or stain, you should give thought to Ovation shutters. These window treatments come 13 colors of paint and 27 stain options! They easily harmonize with the current wood details in your residence or bring an alluring outdoors vibe to your design.

If You're Looking For Durability, Polywood Wins

White Polywood shutters on large dining room windows. 

In the comparison between real wood shutters vs. faux wood shutters in Virginia Beach, faux wood is the clear choice for durability. Polywood shutters resist destruction from humid conditions, temperature extremes, pests, mold, and UV rays. They won’t tear, break, bend, or fade. You may place them in your coolest, brightest, or most humid windows without thinking twice. They’ll thrive for decades in any area of your interior and even within your garage!

Ovation wood shutters offer impressive durability in a wood window covering. As the only 5-star wood shutters in the world, they feature the finest quality materials and construction to ensure a long lifespan. And even though they shouldn’t be installed in wet bathrooms, the wood is treated to be resistant to humid conditions as much as possible.

Let Sunburst Shutters Virginia Beach Help You Choose Between Faux Wood Shutters Vs. Real Wood Shutters In Virginia Beach

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